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History of Aycock Fellowship Ministries

(Formally First Pentecostal Holiness Church)


        Our church had its beginning in 1933 after a series of prayer meetings in the home of Mrs. Rufus Tilley conducted by Rev. C.W. Martin. Charter members were Mrs. Rufus Tilley, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hall.

Later a small mission was founded and Sunday school and worship services were conducted for two years at the corner of Warren and Midway Streets. Rev. Fred Hall became our first pastor serving four years. It was during this time a lot was purchased at 1036 South Aycock street where our present sanctuary is located. A building committee was formed consisting of Lynwood Smothers, T.H. Frazier and Mrs. Rufus Tilley. The foundation for a new building was laid at which time Rev. C. D. Burchell became our pastor.

Under the able leadership of Rev. Burchell this small dedicated group of people under took the erection of a much needed sanctuary in our present location. Rev. Burchell was succeeded after five years by Rev. D.W. Anderson who pastored for one year. Rev. T.R. Howard then came to us and remained for four years in which time the church realized a marked growth. Rev. Don Whitfield then pastored for two years and was succeeded by Rev. J.E. Hopkins. Under his able leadership much needed Sunday school rooms were added Rev. Hopkins pastored for four years. Those who followed Rev. Hopkins as pastor were the Rev. Phillip A. Genetti, the Rev. W.E. Baulding, the Rev. D.W. Kerr and the Rev. RJ. Wells. Under the leadership of Rev. Wells our present educational building was erected. Those who followed Rev Wells as pastor were Rev. R.N. Williams, the Rev. F.V. Ellenburg and the Rev. Clyde Shelton, and the Rev. H.O Jenkins Jr., who came to us as pastor in June 1971

Sunday March 11th 1973 was the kick-off day for bond sales to raise the finances for our new sanctuary. Roy Carroll was the general chairman of the bond sales campaign. Under his leadership a dedicated staff sacrificed their time and effort to make the bond sales a great success. Those included:

Lorenzo and Irene Rhodes

David and Gloria Sandel

S.W. Forrest

W.R. Maynard

Gene Maynard

Mary Branch

Bond sales for the first week were over $70,000. With construction complete, we held our first worship service in the new sanctuary in 1974. A daily radio program and a weekly television program added much to the ministry and growth of our church. After Rev. Jenkins retired Rev. Mike Bullis succeeded Rev. Jenkins as pastor followed by Rev. Rob Linens.

Our Present pastor, Rev. Donnie Pickeral came to us on June 18th 2006. His dedication to God and this congregation has been demonstrated in many ways thus far. We believe our best years are ahead under his leadership and spiritual guidance.